And what’s an author without a bio? Read on to learn more about what makes me so passionate about getting to know you.

Yes, I’m a photographer. But first and foremost, I’m a storyteller. 

Meet Emma

From a girl obsessed with reading love stories, now I’m documenting real-life happily-ever-afters for myself — all captured in my lens and saved for a moment in time. It absolutely sets my heart on fire to be able to serve and document couples’ stories. Being a photographer has been my ultimate dream my entire life and I have to pinch myself practically every week to make sure I’m not dreaming.

because receiving love from another human being is the closest you can get to living a REAL-LIFE fantasy. 

You know that kid that was always on the playground with their nose stuck in a book? Well, that was me — I became a hopeless romantic somewhere in between princes and proclamations of love from a tower. I used to think that love was about being swept off your feet, but now I get wrapped up in everyday love. From subtle glances to sweet forehead kisses — every small moment adds up to loving your person more than anyone else in the entire world. 

My Spark

I fit the stereotypes of the “eldest daughter” to a TEE. Insane eye for details? Check. Leadership qualities perfect for wrangling family and keeping everyone on time? Double-check. Intense desire to overachieve? You’re literally looking at the result of that one. So yes, triple-check.


I’m an Enneagram Type 2 which means I get the most fulfillment out of life when I can serve other people. (Perfect for being your bonus bridesmaid heyyyyyy)


You can find me regularly reading entire books in one day because I have #noselfcontrol. Give me great fantasy world-building and an enemies-to-lovers plot and that book will be finished within the next 24 hours.


Yes, I’m a little corny. Maybe it’s because I was born and raised in the husker state, or maybe it’s my affinity for popcorn. Either way, I’m dedicated to creating an environment that keeps you as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it. 


Design paid my bills. Photo fuels my passion. While I no longer work an agency job in design for global brands, I didn’t trade in my tricks with my trade. Each photo I edit gets the same attention to detail that once went toward creative work for for multimillion dollar ad campaigns. I call it a habit. Others, a standard of excellence.


My boyfriend and I LOVE camping and astrophotography — you can find us escaping the city every chance we get to spend a little time in nature and stay up way too late to capture a truly out-of-this-world photo.


They say plants are the new pets. Well if I could live in a greenhouse, I would. Call me Cruella Devil(‘s Ivy). I currently take care of 20+ plants in my house and the number grows every day (much to my wallet’s dismay).


Fun Facts

February: Minnesota
April: NEbraska
April: Minneapolis, Minnesota
May: Phoenix, Arizona
May: St. Louis, Missouri
June: Greece
AUGUST: Los Angeles, california
August: northern Minnesota
September: Michigan's upper peninsula
October: Nebraska
December: Nebraska


January: St. Louis, Missouri
February: San Francisco, CA
April: Austin, Texas
July: Glacier National Park
August: Newport BEach, Ca
August: Nebraska
September: New Orleans, LA
October: Indianapolis
October: California


Take a look at my travel schedule below and let me know if you’re interested in booking a wedding, elopement, or session while I’m in your town! Travel fees will be waived if you book while I’m at that location.

If you don’t see your dream location on this list, never fear! Reach out and I'd be ecstatic to talk about traveling to your dream location to capture your story!

While based in Chicago, I’ve always got my suitcases packed and ready to go. I feel most alive when I’m experiencing a new place with my camera in hand. 

The road

Meet Me On

"We saw her work on instagram and loved it, and from the very beginning until the very end she was extremely responsive and made us feel like a priority. She was amazing on our wedding day, working with a large group of friends and family - doing everything she could to get the best shots, taking breaks when we wanted it, the keeper of our timeline - she even blocked off an entire street for us. Thank you, thank you, Emma!”

- Natalie + Steve

"We are so happy and thankful we chose Emma as our wedding photographer!"

"Emma did an amazing job capturing the most perfect day! Everyone will tell you how fast the day goes, you won’t even remember it. But through Emma’s photos you can look back on your perfect day and remember even the finest of details. She is so professional but so fun at the same time and takes all the stress of the day away! But besides all of that, the quality of her work is outstanding.Thank you Emma for doing such an amazing job! It was so much fun to work with you!!"

- Maria + Jan

“We’ve both decided that in every memorable event that comes, Emma should be there to capture them all.”

"Emma was able to plan everything out so well- all we needed to do was just smile and enjoy. Emma’s strategic planning and thoughtfulness comes from all the work she does to get to know the couple and truly make their day the most special it can be!  The start of the day is filled with nerves and butterflies but once the photos start and her reassuring words are said, I always felt like she was truly there for me on my wedding day.”

- Jacinta + Caleb

"Emma Petersen has gone above and beyond!!"

“Emma did an amazing job photographing my engagement. She was hidden the entire time so I wouldn't see her! She captured all the emotions my fiancé and I shared together, and even got a great picture of the crowd after I said yes! I am so happy she was there to capture the moment, and have looked back at all the pictures so many times since that day.”

- Claire + Drew

“I will truly cherish these pictures forever.”

“I​​t was so great to work with Emma! She did an amazing job with everything - scheduling, communication, finding spots for pictures, making sure we felt comfortable, and so much more! We’re so thankful for her help and expertise!”

- Matt + Mia

“Emma helped our day go by smoother than we could’ve ever imagined.”

Kind Words