Bride and groom cuddle underneath an umbrella on their rainy summer wedding day in Illinois

Anna + Zach’s Wedding at Cantigny Park

Anna and Zach’s wedding at Cantigny Park was an ABSOLUTE DREAM. From the most wonderful wedding party to the gorgeous venue and the sweetest couple, I had the best time capturing their day 🙂

Threat of Rain

Throughout Anna and Zach’s wedding day, there was a constant threat of rain that jeopardized the outdoor wedding party/bride and groom photos, as well as the outdoor ceremony. I assured everyone upon arrival that no matter what happens, we’ll still get great photos and to try not to let it damper the mood of their wedding day!

Once everyone in the wedding party was ready, we left with all of the umbrellas that we could carry. Surprisingly, we made it through the entire wedding party AND bride and groom portrait sessions with no rain.

Fast forward to when the ceremony was about to start. A large, dark cloud rolled right over the outdoor ceremony space. Cue some worried looks from wedding guests and the wedding party, who had left their umbrellas inside now that the ceremony was starting.

A light sprinkle started just as the ceremony processional began. “It’s fine,” everyone seemed to think. “It’s just a sprinkle, we can stick it out!” Guests covered their heads with their programs and purses but stayed in their seats.

Unfortunate Ceremony Timing

Just when Zach started walking his mother down the aisle, the skies decided to open up to a torrential downpour.

Everyone ran for shelter and rain drenched all of the guests, including the bride Anna, from head to toe.

All of the guests were great sports about getting soaked, mostly laughing about the terrible timing. Once we found enough towels and hair dryers to dry the water stains on the bridesmaid dresses, we sat and waited for the storm to pass.

Calm After The Storm

45 minutes and one deluge later, it was time for take two of the Jewish ceremony – this time during a gorgeous sunset. The service was beautiful, the vows were witty and heartfelt, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. (Both because of the rain and the sweet display of love in front of them.)

The reception began with a choreographed first dance from Anna and Zach, paying homage to her lifelong love of dance. It was the perfect mix of adorable and romantic, and probably one of my favorites to date.

Once the dance floor opened, all of the guests were ready to PARTY. There were shots straight from the bottle and Anna and Zach were almost thrown from their chairs during the Horah. It was a fitting, celebratory end to this amazing couple’s amazing wedding at Cantigny Park!!

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