How To Create A Flawless Wedding Details Flat-Lay

Today’s topic is all about wedding flatlays. As a Chicago wedding photographer, I have developed a few tips and tricks to curate and craft the perfect flatlay. While to many of you, this may seem like a trivial detail in the grand scheme of things.

However, your wedding details play a major role in telling your love story. Your wedding flatlay takes a lot of curation, design, and a keen eye for detail to properly tell your story. It’s a key part of the wedding day that gets overlooked but can be highly impactful. That’s why knowing how to create flawless wedding details flat-lay will be very important come the big day.

What Is A Flat Lay?

How To Create A Flawless Wedding Details Flat-Lay | Chicago Wedding Photographer

A wedding flatlay is one of my favorite things to create on your wedding day. It’s when all of the tangible items of your wedding day come together to create a visual story of your journey. It’s not just heirlooms and items slapped together to make something pretty, but rather it is just another form of storytelling. Or at least, that is how I like to see it.

From the invitation suite to the flowers to your grandma’s heirloom ring, there can be so much depth created in one image. It’s a designated time to document all of the details from your wedding day that would otherwise fall by the wayside. It’s not just a pretty collection of items, but a way to visually tell your wedding story in a different way.

What To Include In Your Wedding Details Flatlay

While many things can be added to your flatlay, here are a few key items that would be great additions to your wedding flatlay.

  • Save the Dates
  • Your invitation suite with two copies (if things are double-sided)
  • Rings and ring box(es) (have all of the rings with you at the getting ready location)
  • Before-ceremony letters
  • Written vows/vow Books
  • Ceremony programs and/or a dinner Menu
  • Jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces
  • Wedding dress (and a nice hanger if you want!)
  • Shoes (heels/dress shoes)
  • Your veil (if you have one)
  • Perfume/cologne
  • Groom’s watch and tie (if applicable)
  • Bouquets/boutonnieres
  • Extra Flowers/Foliage (see below!)
  • Miscellaneous: vintage Stamps, wax seals, ribbons, fancy COVID masks, prints from proposal/engagement session, polaroids
  • Items that are meaningful to your love story: rosaries, family heirlooms, traditional heritage items, etc.

Tips To Create A Flawless Wedding Details Flatlay

To many of you reading this, this may seem like a piece of cake. However, in the midst of all of the other wedding planning details and running your everyday life, things can slip through the cracks. So here are just a few tips to create a flawless flatlay that will have your wedding photographer and future self saying “thank you”.

1.) Have A Details Box Ready Ahead Of Time

One of the biggest tips that I can give you is to have your wedding details ready in a box right when I walk through the door. This not only makes things quick and efficient but avoids all of the headaches of trying to gather all of your details as soon as your photographer arrives. No fumbling around looking for items or forgetting things at home. You can hand the box right to me and I’ll be on my way to create some magic.

*Make sure that you are actually gathering everything in this box and not just “most things”. Such as leaving your shoes/jewelry out of the box, your partner’s items with them at their location instead of the box, etc*

2.) Don’t Forget Your Engagement Ring & Remember to Clean It!

Wedding Invitation Suite | Chicago Wedding Photographer

Next, you’re going to want to remember to bring along your engagement ring for your wedding details photos as well. You may choose to keep it on until it’s time for the detail photos, which is totally fine. I will remind you on the day of when it’s time to start making flatlay magic.

I also highly recommend cleaning your ring the week of your wedding. That way it shines extra brightly in your photos and you don’t have to worry about any dirt smudges or anything looking dull.

3.) Ask Your Florist For Extra Greenery & Florals

Having some loose items to play with is what can sometimes make or break your flatlay photos. It really takes it up a notch and turns your flatlay from good to great. You’re able to fill in the gaps between items with beautiful flowers that match your bouquet and boutonnieres. It’s a small extra step that you can take that will really enhance the overall look of your wedding flatlay. 5-10 blooms and 5-or-so pieces of greenery is usually the perfect amount.

Your florist may charge extra for extra florals/greenery, but I promise you that it will be 100% worth it.

Bonus Tip:

I recommend having your florist time the delivery of your flowers with my arrival. That way I can get your reaction as you see your florals for the first time and have everything ready to go right away!

Other Important Wedding Flatlay Tips

1.) Your Wedding Attire & Details Should Be In The Same Location

Don’t forget all of your wedding attire at the location where I will be shooting all of your wedding details. This includes your shoes and veil! This is especially the case if you are getting dressed at a different location. Typically, your shoes and veil are the two items that are most often forgotten so make sure you keep them all together!

2.) Make Sure To Include Your Partner’s Details Too

If you are wanting any of your partner’s items photographed with your wedding details such as their watch, tie, or shoes, make sure to include them with the rest of the items you want to be photographed.

3.) Regarding Save The Dates – Include Two Copies Of Each Item

If you plan on having your save-the-dates or invitation suites photographed in your wedding flatlay, make sure to include two copies of each. This is especially the case if there are designs on both sides.

For example: if you have a save-the-date with your photo on the front and your date on the back, include two copies so that I can display both in one image!

How To Create A Flawless Wedding Details Flat-Lay | Chicago Wedding Photographer

So at a glimpse, those beautiful wedding flatlay photos you see while scrolling through social media may look beautiful but have a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. Don’t forget that these are your memories and they deserve all of the recognition and spotlight moments that they deserve.

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