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Throughout my years as a Chicago Wedding Photographer, I have seen engagement span from a few months to even a few years. Now let me get one thing straight. However long you choose to have your engagement is your business and your business only. It doesn’t matter how long you choose to stay engaged. Since it is entirely up to the choice of you and your partner.

Connie and Steve are one of the many couples who chose to embrace their engagement. They wanted to focus on the “now” and remember this time together. Knowing this, we wanted to keep their Art Institute of Chicago Engagement Pictures incredibly intentional and romantic. Something that would remind them of this very special time in their lives.

The Art Institute of Chicago | Downtown Chicago Museum

The Art Institute of Chicago is Downtown Chicago’s #1 museum. With a variety of different exhibitions and artwork to explore, you never get bored. Not only are you met with the beautiful art hung and displayed throughout the museum, but the overall structure of the Art Institute of Chicago is exquisite. Grand staircases and a blend of old and modern architecture make for a truly eye-catching experience.

For Connie and Steve’s Chicago engagement pictures, they were wanting to keep things really romantic. As if it came straight out of a romance novel. Connie and Steve aren’t too familiar in front of the camera, so being able to direct and prompt them throughout their engagement session to be able to get those romantic candid moments was our goal.

Tickets & Photography Session Timing

Like many Chicago museums, you will be required to purchase tickets in order to enter The Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, ticket prices are $20 for Chicago residents and $32 for non-Chicago residents.

If you’re wanting your Chicago Engagement Photos done at The Art Institute of Chicago, I recommend being strategic about the time that you go to the museum. Going to the museum over the lunch hour or on an evening is a recipe for a chaotic shoot. I recommend investing in the Members Program so that you can have early access to the museum before anyone else is let in. That way you have nearly free reign on the entire museum without worrying about people stepping into your shot!

Additionally, keep in mind that there are certain pieces of artwork throughout the museum that restrict where you can photograph.

Connie & Steve’s Art Institute of Chicago Engagement Pictures

Connie and Steve are huge fans of the arts. It’s something that they love to do in their free time, so of course heading to the Art Institute of Chicago was almost a must for their Chicago engagement pictures. The vibe for their engagement session was to keep things classic, romantic, and natural. We were making sure that while we documented their authentic love and reactions, we were able to mix in a bit of those sultry cinematic feels as well.

One thing about The Art Institute of Chicago is that there is a plethora of different photo locations to choose from. Seriously, the possibilities are endless. We wandered through the corridors of The Art Institute before making our way to our next and final destination.

Chicago Engagement Pictures at Kinzie Street Bridge

Just a short drive away is the Kinzie Street Bridge, an iconic photo spot here in Downtown Chicago. Overlooking the Chicago River, this is one of the most sought-after photo spots in Chicago and is one of my favorites as a Chicago Wedding Photographer. After doing a quick outfit change, Connie and Steve watched as the sky became darker and the lights of the buildings towered above us. It was the perfect way to end the day and the best way to celebrate and cherish their engagement.

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