Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

So many people, myself included, speak on the importance of investing in quality wedding photographs. Over the years as a Chicago Wedding Photographer, I have always put so much importance on being able to hold onto these special memories for more than what the mind can remember.

Printing your wedding photographs allows you to full embrace the story and memory of your day. Not just through holding them hostage on your tiny screen, but really and truly enjoying them out in the world. If you’re still on the fence as to why a wedding album is an important addition to your wedding day keepsakes, let me break it down for you.

Printing Your Wedding Photos Make Amazing Gifts

First things first, printing your wedding photos makes for some of the most amazing gifts for friends and loved ones. This is especially the case during the holidays right after you’ve tied the knot. You could gift your wedding photos in a beautifully curated album to your parents. That way they can look back on some of the best memories of you on your special day. This could be a first-look moment between daughter/dad or the tears streaming down their face as they watch you walk down the aisle. These photos aren’t just for you, they can be for them too.

If you choose to, you can also print your wedding photos for your friends. These could be touching and funny moments between your closest friends that make the most intentional and meaningful gifts. You’re able to cherish your friends and show them how much you care about them all by gifting them a beautiful album.

It’s Your Legacy

Many of you may recall early childhood memories of sneaking through your parents’ things, stumbling upon old photos, and reliving the past. No? Just me? It’s in moments like these that we remember that everyone has a story. Photos, especially ones that you can physically hold, have so much power in keeping your memory alive.

Your wedding photos are more than just beautiful images that should sit on a computer and hard drive. They are your legacy! The photos you show your children, your nieces and nephews, and a way to relive the past. Hang them in your home for everyone to see the memories that you’ve created. Years down the line, you may look back at these photos and relive every feeling and emotion that you once felt. To me, that’s pretty cool.

Social Media Isn’t Forever

One of the biggest realizations that we all have to come to terms with is that social media isn’t forever. Instagram, Facebook, and all of those other social media platforms are never guaranteed to be there for us. Picture this, you’ve been waiting for your wedding photos to come back from your wedding photographer. You finally receive the full gallery and BOOM, what’s the first thing you do? Post them all over social media of course. I mean, after all, social media is the way of the future, no? But what if one day that social media site shuts down? Your digital scrapbook of memories is gone without a trace.

Printed Wedding Photos Never Expire

There is a notable mention that wedding photographers have expiration dates on your wedding gallery. That means if you don’t properly backup all of your wedding images on an external hard drive or flash drive, you will not have forever access to your gallery. Speaking from someone that lost years of precious personal memories in a hard drive crash, you can’t get those memories back once they’re gone. The last thing that you want is for years to find out that you no longer have access to your wedding images due to something so simple that could have been prevented.

The good thing about printing your wedding photos though, is that they never expire. You never have to worry about technology failing you and deleting your photos. You never have to worry about missing out on memories because you lost your flash drive several years ago. Printed wedding photos allow you to relive each and every moment at your convenience, whenever and wherever you want. No wifi needed!

Build Your Curated Love Story

Last but certainly not least, printing your wedding photos allows you to build your curated love story. There are so many events that go on throughout your wedding day. At times, it can be overwhelming to even think about and relive. I mean, you’ve seen how much planning goes into it! Printing your wedding photos into a beautifully curated wedding album allows you to build out and curate your special wedding day moments. While yes, a fully curated online wedding gallery may look nice in the moment, sometimes there is so much that goes on in the day that it could possibly be overwhelming. So many emotions, it’s hard to decipher how you’re feeling sometimes.

Printing your wedding photos allows you to put together the best of the best. Which in my opinion, are all of them… but I digress. It allows you to put together the moments that truly mean the most to you and make you feel all of the emotions you deserve.

Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

Printing your wedding photos is more than just spending the extra buck to have an album that you will never open again. It’s about creating a story, reliving your memories, and feeling each and every emotion. It’s about a sense of nostalgia that only printed photos can give you. About holding onto something that is wholesome, good, and intentional. These, amongst the hundreds of other reasons, are why you should print your wedding photos.

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