Wedding Tips | Do I Need A Second Photographer?

You’ve probably heard the term “second photographer” thrown around a bunch of times. Especially, if you’re the one shopping for your dream wedding photographer. It’s in wedding packages, it’s written in front of you, but you have no idea what it means or why it’s important.

If you’ve been in talks with some wedding photographers, are looking for some wedding tips, and are wondering “do I need a second photographer on my wedding day?”, the answer is almost always yes.

However, before you go ahead, slap your credit card on the table, and book that photographer, you first need to know what a second photographer is.

What Is A Second Photographer?

Typically, a second photographer is an experienced photographer who works alongside the lead photographer on a wedding day. The second photographer is usually chosen by your wedding photographer. They go through a vetting process to ensure that they are the right fit and can document your day properly.

On a wedding day, the second photographer will be there to assist your wedding photographer. They will typically be taking photos of different moments, from different angles. They also are able to provide an alternative perspective to your wedding day. Basically, you’re getting the ultimate bang for your buck.

Do You Need A Second Photographer?

While every wedding is different, a second photographer is never a bad idea. Now, this may just be me being a little biased. In my photography career, however, it’s been proven time and time again that having a second photographer will ultimately benefit you and your wedding experience. Let me explain!

Capturing Two Moments At Once

One of the biggest benefits of having a second photographer on your wedding day is being able to capture moments that your lead wedding photographer normally wouldn’t be able to. This is especially prevalent the morning of your wedding while you and your partner are getting ready.

If both of you are in separate getting-ready locations, this makes it ultimately impossible for your wedding photographer to be capturing both moments at once. In comes your second photographer who is able to help your wedding photographer and capture one partner, while your wedding photographer captures the other. You’re able to document both moments without having to sacrifice anything.

One of the main priorities of my second photographer is to pay attention to every detail and interaction they can. They are all trained by me to recognize storytelling moments and give you double the chance to capture every memory possible.

Gives A Different Perspective

I briefly touched on this above, but having a second photographer also offers a different perspective. Typically your wedding photographer can only document one angle at a time. We haven’t developed the skill to be in two places at once yet! Having a second photographer on your big day allows for more emotions, reactions, and candids to be documented from different perspectives.

An example of this is your first look. While your wedding photographer is there capturing one partner’s reaction, your second photographer will be there to capture the other’s!

Captures The Small Moments

One main benefit to a second photographer for your wedding day is that you receive more images. Not just another angle of what I’m photographing, but most times my seconds and I are able to tag-team capturing the small, candid moments happening. Having another set of eyes on your day ensures that we’re BOTH looking out for those golden storytelling moments to capture.

If you decide to hire a wedding photographer and a second photographer, you are almost guaranteeing more images and again… more bang for your buck!

Make Your Wedding Day More Efficient

Having a second photographer on your special day also ensures a bit more efficiency throughout the day. Whenever I work with second photographers we are tag-teaming photo sessions to shoot at the same time. In turn, that keeps things moving quickly and more efficiently.

This applies when it comes to taking large family group shots or if you have a larger wedding party. For those of you who don’t know, large family or wedding party photos take a lot of time and coordination. You are having to direct every individual and make sure that everyone is following along before you take the photos.

Rather than taking away time from the rest of your wedding guests, it speeds things up so you can go back to the party.

Gives You Extra Security / A Backup Plan

Let me first start off by saying this, your wedding photographer should absolutely have a solid backup system. Dual SD card slots, backup cameras, solid hard drives to store your images, the whole nine yards! However, there is nothing wrong with having a little bit more backup with a second photographer. If for some reason your wedding photographer slips and misses a certain shot or has an emergency and has to run to the bathroom, your second photographer is there to save the day. They are able to capture the moments so even if something were to happen, they’ve got you covered.

Do I Need A Second Photographer?

So maybe you’ve been on the fence for a while about whether or not you need a second photographer on your wedding day. This is a tough decision and should not be taken lightly. It’s an investment in your love story and memories. However, if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you should have a wedding photographer on your wedding day… it’s probably because you need one.

If you’re wanting to explore wedding packages, chat about capturing your wedding, or about second photographers, let’s do it! I’m all about making sure my couples are 100% solidified before making the commitment to have their wedding day captured by Emma Petersen Photography. Click here to fill out my inquiry form and let’s get to know each other!

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