Chicago Engagement Photos at Loyola University

Sometimes fate brings two people together. Sometimes, fate is called a secret set-up by your friends. Either way, two people came together and created a love story of their own. Adrienne and Josh came to me with the opportunity to create a concept to document their unique story as a couple. One that not only felt authentic and real to them, but that perfectly told their love story. Their Chicago engagement photos at Loyola University perfectly curated how they met and where it all started to get to where they are now.

Adrienne & Josh’s Love Story

Adrienne and Josh met on Adrienne’s 21st birthday. What seemed like a casual ask to “bring a friend”, ended up being an intentional setup! Talk about sneaky. Although they didn’t talk much at the party, they both surely made an impression on each other. It wasn’t until a few months later, that Josh slid into the DM’s to ask Adrienne on a date. Accidentally, Adrienne had left him on read. But sooner than later, the date was finally set up and the rest was history.

During that first date, Josh picked up Adrienne at Loyola University (where she was attending school). They drove to Moody’s Pub and enjoyed some drinks for nearly 4 hours! Time flew by, so much so that they didn’t even realize how long it had been. Adrienne’s friends had to check in to make sure she wasn’t kidnapped it had been so long! Luckily, they both just caught a case of the “having a good time” virus. They ended their first date with a walk on the beach and sharing their first kiss. Beyond that, their love continued to grow and well… here we are!

Chicago Engagement Photos at Loyola University

It’s important for me as your photographer to be able to capture you authentically during your engagement session as well as your wedding. You want to make sure that you look back on these photos and feel all of the emotions from that day. That is my true goal. For Adrienne and Josh, it was very important for them to feel comfortable in front of the camera and to tell their story. The right way.

We started off at Loyola University, where they both met for the first time. The grounds of the University are breathtaking and have a ton of history and architecture which makes it the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos. We wandered throughout the grounds, taking photos wherever our creative eye led us and where they had previously shared memories in years past. Adrienne wore this beautiful red dress which I think was the perfect pop of color for these photos. Not too much and not too little, but just right.

An Evening Walk On The Beach

Nearby the University is a beach where we decided to end their engagement session. As I mentioned before, Adrienne and Josh ended their first date with a kiss and a stroll on the very same beach. Naturally, recreating this moment was non-negotiable. After popping a celebratory bottle of champagne, and taking a few sips, we headed towards the water as Adrienne and Josh walked barefoot along the sand. Recreating the night when everything changed for the both of them and it was absolute magic.

Congratulations again to Adrienne and Josh and I can’t wait to capture their wedding In St.Louis next May! 🥂

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