Best of 2022: My Top 5 Most Memorable Love Stories

2022 was one heck of a year, I’ll have to admit. So many changes and so many amazing opportunities happened for me this year, and I couldn’t be more grateful. From going officially full-time in my photography business to getting to travel all over to capture your love stories.

To all of you who have continued to support this business: You have allowed me to pursue this passion of mine and I am forever grateful. With that being said, I wanted to showcase my top 5 most memorable love stories of 2022. While of course, each and every couple is amazing, beautiful, and unique these couples and their special day really stood out to make it one of the most iconic memories for 2022.

Kayla & Liam’s Edgy Urban Wedding

Best of 2022: My Top 5 Most Memorable Love Stories

Kayla and Liam had the most beautiful edgy urban wedding at the Colvin House. A truly unique wedding venue that made it one of the most standout weddings for 2022. Along with their radiating personalities and loving hearts, these two put so much attention to detail for their big day. Vibrant jewel-toned florals filled this historic home and made their wedding day one of a kind. You can read more about their wedding day in this blog here!

Hannah & Jack’s Downtown Chicago Wedding

On Hannah & Jack’s wedding day we braced the frigid temps of the Chicago winter and wandered throughout the city capturing some epic portraits. When you’re wandering the streets of Chi-town in your wedding attire you’re bound to get some looks & shouts, and that’s exactly what happened. Everyone was cheering and congratulating the newlyweds making them the happiest people on earth.

Alexa & Matt’s Fun & Lively Engagement at North Ave Beach

Best of 2022: My Top 5 Most Memorable Love Stories

Alexa and Matt wanted their engagement session to encompass their entire relationship. Fun-loving, lively and candid… so we got to work. Wandering throughout some of Chicago’s best photoshoot locations, like the Nature Boardwalk and North Ave Beach we made sure to stay true to them. These two radiated with so much laughter and love, that with each turn they took caught each other’s eyes and began smiling back instantly. Their love was magnetic and definitely a standout couple for 2022. You can read more about their fun-loving engagement here.

Amy & Trever’s Rainy Wedding

Best of 2022: My Top 5 Most Memorable Love Stories
Best of 2022: My Top 5 Most Memorable Love Stories

What stood out the most on Amy & Trever’s wedding day was their incredibly emotional and touching first look. On top of that, it was done in the rain! Typically rain can cause a huge damper on your mood, however that didn’t stop Amy & Trever from having one of the most touching moments I have ever witnessed. Tears were flowing and quote, “It was an amazing and emotional experience” (Amy – Bride).

Jamie & Dominic’s Industrial Chicago Wedding

Jamie and Dominic’s wedding was the perfect blend of that urban industrial city feel and elegance. Not only was their love truly radiating, but they are just one of the sweetest and most lively couples I have ever met. Every detail, down to the shoes that Jamie wore was incredible and made for such a beautiful wedding day. Their venue, The Joinery Chicago, filled up their ceremony with beautiful natural light and made things look elegant and ethereal. Forever obsessing over Jamie & Dominic and their wedding day. You can read more about their special day here.

My Best of 2022 Moments

I am forever grateful for all of the couples that have given me the chance to capture such special memories. 2022 was such a good year and I can’t wait to capture all the special memories that 2023 has to offer.

While I wish I could share each and every wedding, engagement, and couple on my blog we would be here for a million years. So below is just a compilation of some more of the many amazing personalities and love stories I have had the honor of capturing in 2022.

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